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Are you craving a premium tea experience with the finest organic and ethically sourced loose leaf tea in Australia?

Are you craving a premium tea experience with the finest organic and ethically sourced loose leaf tea in Australia? Look no further than She Knows Tea! We are your ultimate destination for an aromatic and flavourful selection of organic loose leaf teas meticulously curated to satisfy the varied tastes of tea enthusiasts, just like you. 

Our Teas Collection are a harmonious blend of quality and taste, featuring the finest organic sencha green tea, organic black tea from the Assam region, organic Yerbe Mate and a delightful array of other tea favourites. Each sip unveils a symphony of flavour, captivating your senses and whisking you away to a realm of serenity and indulgence. Utilising only premium quality, organic and ethically sourced ingredients, we invite you to discover a unique tea experience with our products’ diverse flavours, exceptional quality, and enticing aromas! 

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Your Destination for Organic Loose Leaf Tea Delights 

She Knows Tea is your one-stop shop for all your favourite premium grade, ethically sourced organic loose-leaf teas. Our online teashop boasts a diverse range of teas and tisanes, catering to every tea lover’s unique needs and preferences. Many of our organic loose-leaf teas and tisanes were designed to enhance your well-being, like our soothing Cleanse, our healing Heartburn tea or our rejuvenating Face tea. If you are looking for some tranquility you can definitely find it with our Sleep tea. 

She Knows Tea’s special blends make great gifts for your fellow tea drinkers! Why not share with your loved ones the pleasure that can be found in our Premium Organic English Breakfast tea, or our Premium Sencha green tea? Maybe they are spice fans and would love to savour the aromatic delight that is our Super Chai?  Whatever your tea lover’s preference may be, we have a blend to suit! 

Make the Switch and Experience the True Essence of Tea 

Are you ready to elevate your tea experience? If you haven’t done it yet, switch to brewing the finest loose leaf tea. Whether you’re a fan of organic green tea, Earl Grey tea, Slim tea, or Heartburn tea, our organic loose leaf teas and tisanes will leave a lasting, flavourful  impression! 

Grown without harmful chemicals, our teas at She Knows Tea not only taste amazing but come with a myriad of health benefits. Embrace the art of loose-leaf tea brewing and unlock a world of pure flavours and wholesome goodness. 

Aside from delivering within Australia, we also ship internationally, so everyone can experience the magic of She Knows Tea.