She Knows Tea is your go-to online shop for tea lovers seeking an extraordinary tea-drinking experience. At She Knows Tea we believe tea is more than just a beverage; it’s an experience! Why not take a moment to revitalise your well-being and health with our premium grade, organic and ethically sourced teas and tisanes. From our invigorating Slim tea to our flavourful Sencha green tea, we have ensured our premium loose leaf tea collection has been thoughtfully crafted to elevate your tea moments and nourish your body and soul

Discover our premium loose-leaf tea and tisane collections, designed to elevate your tea moments... 

Benefits of Drinking Tea and Tisane 

Indulge in more than just delightful flavours! Our loose-leaf tea and tisane collections offer various benefits:

  • Premium quality – We only use premium grade, organic and ethically sourced ingredients in all of our blends, and it's because of this we offer only our varieties as loose-leaf tea. Because if this She Knows Tea is often of a richer and more robust flavour than those that come in a tea bag. Enjoy the full, uncompromised flavour and aroma that comes with using only premium quality ingredients. 
  • Health benefits – Did you know Sencha Green Tea is renowned for increasing the metabolism and brain cognition, is rich in free-radical-fighting antioxidants and vitamin C (which keep at bay a whole heap of nasty illnesses), as well as containing polyphenols that are well known for lowering cholesterol and improving heart health? Or that Peppermint tea not only helps an upset tummy, but can also assist with headaches and sinus issues- all while containing zero caffeine and almost no calories? These are just a few of the many and varied health benefits that can be found in our loose leaf teas and tisanes.  
  • Versatility - You can customise the strength and flavour of loose-leaf tea according to your preferences, so if you like your tea a little stronger feel free to add more leaves to your brew. Not to mention our teas can be enjoyed either hot or cold and make the best bases for tea infusions. You can also use She Knows Tea in recipes that call for tea as an ingredient like delicious Chai Spiced tea cakes or Earl Grey Madeleines. 
  • Environmentally friendly – We are all looking to do the best we can, and by choosing loose leaf tea we are reducing packaging waste, making it a more environmentally sustainable option. In addition to this our teas and tisanes are compostable, and our packaging is recyclable in Australia via the REDcycle Program.  

Organic Loose-Leaf Tea and Tisane Selection 

  • Slim tea - Sip your way to vitality and enjoy a renewed sense of wellness with our Slim tea, a special blend crafted to support your well-being. 
  • Premium Sencha green tea - Carefully selected from organic tea farms in South Korea, this blend provides a smooth, naturally sweet flavour as well as providing a rejuvenating recharge.  
  • Heartburn tea - Find comfort in our Heartburn tea, specially formulated to soothe the burn and aid digestion. 
  • Sleep tea - Carefully crafted with calming herbs, our sleep tea is the perfect way to peacefully end your day. 
  • Cleanse tea - This refreshing blend of natural ingredients provides a gentle support of your body’s natural cleansing process. It can also ease bloating and aid digestion. 
  • Organic Peppermint tea - This delightful caffeine-free infusion brings a refreshing twist to your tea moments. Experience our Organic Peppermint tea’s refreshing aroma and soothing properties.  
  • Face tea - Nourish your skin from within with our Face tea, featuring a blend of botanicals to promote a radiant complexion. 
  • Organic Earl Grey tea - Featuring organic Sri Lankan black tea infused with organic bergamot oil, this timeless classic is sure to elevate your tea ritual. 
  • Premium Organic English Breakfast tea – A traditional breakfast blend, our Premium Organic English Breakfast tea is the perfect revitalising treat.  
  • Super Chai – A delicious blend of 10 different spices and organic Assam black tea guarantees one sip of Super Chai will have you hooked! 

A World of Unique Blends Awaits You 

Whether it's for soothing indigestion or for better relaxation why not enjoy a cup of She Knows Tea? Check out our full range of loose leaf teas and tisanes and embark on a journey of pure tea delight. 

She Knows Tea, For the Experience....