About Us

She Knows Tea is your gateway to the world of tea and tisanes. Discover the rich history of tea, and the health benefits of tisanes (also known as herbal teas).

Welcome to She Knows Tea- Home of all your favourite Teas and Tisanes.

She Knows Tea is all for the Experience. We know full well a cup of tea is not always just a cup of tea. It’s a moment of reflection. It’s a pick-me-up. It’s a time to sort things out. It’s a time of celebration or commiseration. Or it’s that phone call we all get “put the kettle on I’ll be there in 5 minutes!”….

Whatever the circumstance may be, our premium blends are made from high quality, ethically sourced ingredients that are perfect for enhancing your Tea Moment.

She Knows Tea is an Australian based company, but we are able to ship internationally. Please see our Shipping Policy for details.

She Knows Tea, For the Experience….