Spotlight on: She Knows Tea's Super Chai

SKT Lovers its official- winter is here. If the date wasn't enough to give it away this icy cold polar blast along the south and east of Australia has definitely sealed the deal!

So here is what we are doing- we are wrapping ourselves up in warm blankets, pulling on our comfiest bed socks and making a big pot of She Knows Tea's Super Chai : ) 

Why Super Chai you may be asking yourself? Its simple- we need the WARMTH that can only be found in a well balanced blend of Assam Tea and delicious spices that include cinnamon, cardamom and tumeric (insert angels singing here lol). Drinking Super Chai feels like you are being hugged from the inside. And there is something about this blend that is just so wonderfully moreish- mark our words, from the first sip to the last you will be hooked!

You can enjoy Super Chai with warm milk and a dash of honey or any sweetener of your choice, but it is also perfect on its own. 

All of She Knows Tea's ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. So please, sit back and enjoy this special blend knowing everything in your cup is definitely good for you, and truly enhancing your tea moment.

She Knows Tea, For The Experience....